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Speed, Power, Agility, Resistances(Strength) and Quickness (SPARQ)
Over the last decade Precision Athletic Corps (PAC) has developed SPARQ into a comprehensive package of more than 40 powerful training systems designed to enhance the sport-specific needs of the athlete. PAC establishes an athlete’s foundation by focusing on pure strength and core strength. From this, an SPARQ program is scientifically designed to improve the function of the athlete’s neuromuscular system (How the brain and body work together). PAC’s unique design and execution of this training program enables athletes to achieve high levels of success. Athletes will experience improvements in linear speed, lateral quickness, vertical explosiveness, and overall strength/power. These training methods improve physical performance in all sports through better preparation of the athlete for the demands of competition. Simply, athletes and teams improve their strength, agility and quickness through the expertise of PAC.Both individual and team training is available with the SAQ program, and our training is sport-specific! PA can also train athletes and teams at South Fulton Recreational Centers or at your team’s facility or practice location.

We at PRECISION ATHLETIC CORPS Elite Performance Training pride ourselves in diversity of our trainers. Whether baseball, football, basketball, track, soccer, rugby, cheerleading, or swimming, we have the knowledge and experience to teach sports skills to individuals of all ages and talent levels. From beginning fundamentals, to philosophies of situations, we are capable of helping any athlete became better at their individual sport.


In addition to the everyday practices, PAC also offers an extended “ACL add-on” that further teaches athletes how to safely absorb body mass and change direction without putting joints in compromising positions.PAC has teamed with Sportsmetrics to become certified in the “prevention” of ACL’s.* Our program begins with a testing process that will numerically give each athlete a risk assessment based on the inward and outward movement of the knees. After this assessment, a six-twelve week program is implemented, focusing on teaching the athlete how to take the pressure off of the knees and utilize their hips as their power center. Upon completion of the program, PAC trainers will reassess each athlete to determine their improvements.
*Note: No training can overcome the potential for extenuating circumstances. 

With a physician referral and consistent guidance and communication with PAC staff, Extended Rehab participants can make a smooth transition from physical therapy to a prescribed strength and conditioning program. Each program is individually tailored to progress participants to the next level of recovery and to help them resume their regular lifestyles, fitness routines and/or athletic routines.With a prescription for exercise from the attending physician or physical therapist, participants are challenged to gradually increase their level of activity by receiving one-on-one guidance from the PAC team of exercise specialists. Cardiovascular conditioning, strength training, flexibility and stabilization are all implemented into the program. Whether athletic or casual rehabilitation, individuals of all ages and abilities can benefit from extended rehabilitation.

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