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Interested in going to the next level at PAC?

Take advantage of Personal Training options at PAC. Rates are determined per trainer.


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At the helm of Precision Athletic Corps is Coach Zedrick Carter, a well-sought after master fitness trainer with over 20 years in the health and fitness industry. He is the PURPOSE behind PAC.  His unique training style rooted in sports performance is key in developing athletes and helping individuals reach their goals.  His personal testimony of recovering from being paralyzed has shaped his beliefs in challenging the mind, body, and spirit. His mantra is, "BE INTENTIONAL ON PURPOSE!"


Coach Carter is relentless in his mission to providing the highest quality of personal training and ensuring PAC is a premier performance training facility.

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Perfection, rigor, accuracy is synonymous with PRECISION. Coach Ramsey truly embodies PRECISION. As a master fitness trainer and amateur boxer, he has dedicated his life to transforming the lives of athletes and individuals. He stands on the quote that his grandaddy would often say, “If it is to be, then it is up to me.” Coach Ramsey believes if you want to get it done, then it is up to you. In his own personal journey, he has used the weapon of fitness to deal with pain and adversity.

With almost 10 years in the health and fitness industry, Coach Ramsey’s meticulous style of training and coaching capabilities on and off the track, football, and baseball’s fields sets him apart from other trainers. Under Coach Ramsey’s leadership, Hapeville Charter was able to win the football state title in 2017. He has a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Kentucky State University, where he received scholarships in academics, football, and baseball. Coach Ramsey graduated with a 3.6 GPA.

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Coach Rashad Boone is a certified personal trainer who is a native of North Carolina.  He is an athlete who has played football and basketball at the high school and collegiate levels.  At Precision Athletic Corps, he takes PRIDE in helping members build their self-esteem by creating a healthy lifestyle. 


His love of sports has contributed to defining his team building skills on and off the field or court.  Whether he is giving a high five to someone for completing a hard run or dropping some words of encouragement, Coach Boone creates a team environment with the PAC members and guests to ensure no man or woman is left behind.  Coach Boone believes, “When you feel better, you think clearer, and your mental health is better.”  He knows that ultimately the power of fitness can be a game changer in the lives of people. 

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Audrey Clark represents the PASSION principle of Precision Athletic Corps. She has taken her own fitness challenges from childhood and being on the verge of becoming diabetic to channel them into living a healthier lifestyle and losing over 100 pounds. Her unwavering belief is that food is for FUEL and that creating healthy eating habits is essential to fitness.


Audrey’s passion for fitness led her to become a certified personal trainer. She has a master’s in psychology with a specialization in Industrial and Organizational Psychology from Capella University. You can find her at PAC leading the “power-packed” HIIT Step Class.


As the Operations Manager for PAC, she is committed to Precision Athletic Corps operating in excellence and ensuring the safety of our members and guests.

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